The Wise lady

She is a lady

That is wise.

Let her ponder

That fairy.


Dressed up as a Diva,

She stepped

out of the car

and walks the green carpet

Scattered with flowers

And occasional human.



Every woman cleans

Around the house.

The soul is cleansed

From all evils.

Only the dust stays

On those shelves from times past.


Poem for Skopje

Let there be more embroidered

eternal verses for

this City.

Let us be caressed by

the delightful wind that


some kind of symphony.




let me inhale the solitude.

Silence is my friend

to create and to fly,

Freely as a bird.



From that cloud above

An Angel like a cherub

has arrived.

Yes, yes…

He will be a cool guy.


Oh, Macedonia

Today is like a bird of May

when the sun rises in the morning.

Oh, Macedonia!

Like an easy beautiful song.

The Golden sun has appeared,

High in the sky.

I am traveling down the streets where

You can see my road towards the lightness.

This is my Country,

I proudly announce

And without a shame

I say

This is you, my Macedonia!


I’ve built a house

I’ve built a house

and filled it with spices, herbs and a dream.

I’ve covered the bed we shared

In cinnamon & cloves.

I am waiting for the star shower to stop.

And for the night to find it’s calm.

To invite you to a Welcome back

serving of Fig’s preserve

and pearly water.


People that live forever

You never die,

Your acts of kindness stay

with you,

for us.


They are hidden in the thoughts, there

where Angels dwell.

I am writing my poetry, again,

thinking that you are not

in this World.


That you are in another World.

World that is a Love Kingdom.

World where evil does not exist.

World of silence.

All is a hidden secret.

All is a thick fog.

Only you are in the eternal brightness.


You are my white



The Love is hidden in London

It’s morning,

The Sun is about to rise.

By the river Thames

A lady is sitting,

By the name of Svetle.

Big Ben shone a light,

Actually there was a gong sound

By the London Stock Exchange.

But money are not important,

When you have Love.



I get out of the bed,

white and tender.

I am ready for new victories.

I read in the newspaper

that there is a new method.

And that method happens to be:

Thou shalt love,

their nearest and dearest.


The Hen

Holy animal is

the Hen.

Symbol of village.


Smells of hay, but

There is never noise array


The first set of poems was translated by Svetlana Dinkovski.


Special Olympics

They should not underestimate us

They should not deny

that we are different from the others.

No man is smarter than another

And a man, when he lives with love

He will attain more.


I won’t get upset

Heaven is wonderful!

Star fell into darkness!

I won’t get upset.

And life is a song,

I know it’d be wrong

So I won’t get upset

All I can do is laugh.


With the Stars

We fall asleep together

in the courtyard of the monastery.

To the Eternal sky, here’s my message…

With the stars we played

My message is made:

Toshe, come back!

I love you!


With the Sky

I would hold you every night

And in my heart

Shall be only you.

In heaven you are eternal!

Miki, you are my Moon

(To) follow me through life – you would

Through life, through evil and good.

Snowfall and wind’s breath

Portray your death.


How I love you

It is splendid night

Together we stand.


Astonished we are

By the moon.

How I love you!

It’s hope I have,

And no fear at all.

I must admit the truth,

How much I do love you.


Oh, Macedonia

This day is like a bird in May

While morning beam is rising

Oh, Macedonia

You are a song, pretty and easy.

Rose high

golden sun in the sky.

Oh, Macedonia

I travel the streets where I can see

My way lighten and bright.

It is my country

Proudly I cheered

And stated without shame

It is you, oh, Macedonia.


The second set of poems was translated by Radmila Vankoska.